Episode 1: The Blizzard of 2022

By: Tanya Gamble

(Buffalo, NY)– December 23, 2022 marked the worst blizzard Buffalo has faced since The Blizzard of 1977. The deadly blizzard lasted over a span of several days with continuous snowfall, over 51 inches of snow, freezing temperatures with a wind chill that felt like minus 30 degrees, and wind
gusts as high as 80 mph. National Grid reported that over 100,000 Western New Yorkers experienced power outages. Many people were left without power for days.

Over 40 people died as a result of the blizzard. Some deaths were a result of getting
stranded in their cars; others were found outside and in their homes.

Sha’Kyra Aughtry rescued and nursed 64-year-old Joey White, on Christmas Eve when she
heard him pleading for help outside in the snow. Sha’Kyra said Joey was in terrible pain and suffering from frostbite on his hands. When she and her boyfriend carried him into their home.
Luckily, Sha’Kyra was able to get help from nearby neighbors through her Facebook Live
stream. Shortly after, neighbors arrived to assist Joey and Sha’Kyra get to ECMC.
Sha’Kyra was called a hero and angel for her courageous and selfless act of helping a
stranger in a deadly situation.

Elizabeth Carey, who is the Public Relations Director for AAA, gave advice about what to do if you find yourself stuck inside your vehicle during a snowstorm. Here’s her full interview:


Episode 2: NY Thruway Toll Increase Proposal

By: Justin Siejak

(Buffalo, NY)–New York State tolls are expected to see an increase in prices.  In addition to this, drivers without an EZ pass could be seeing an even larger increase in toll prices.  Starting January 21st, 2024,  drivers can expect to be paying more when traveling on New York State highways.

EZ Pass holders can expect to see a 5 percent increase in toll prices.  Those without an EZ Pass are expected to see a staggering 75 percent increase in their toll prices.

Rob Ortt, who is the New York State Senate Minority Leader, says that it is ironic that every elected official talks about affordability, yet they decide to raise toll prices.

“New York is increasingly becoming an unaffordable state, which is why a lot of people are looking to leave and look for opportunities elsewhere,” Ortt said.

Ortt verbally backed those who are upset about the increase and said that their frustrations are justifiable.

“It’s the same taxpayers, it’s the same people, the drivers, who are already paying a lot of money for a lot of things.  This is just another increase, another thing going up, that they will have little control over,” Ortt said.

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli issued a 36 page report urging the Thruway Authority to find other sources of revenue before raising tolls.


Episode 3: School Name and Mascot Changes

By: Angela Caico

(Buffalo, NY)–In recent years, there’s been significant pressure on schools to remove insensitive Native American team names, mascots, or logos. Schools in New York State have now been given until the end of the school year to make these changes or risk losing their state funding. 

While some agree that these images are offensive to Native Americans, some say it’s not about insults – it’s about tradition and pride. But where is the line between celebratory and disrespectful? 

Senior Deputy Commissioner of the NY State Education Department, James Baldwin, distributed the mandate in writing throughout NY school districts on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022. It requires the removal of Native American references and imagery unless approved by a recognized tribe. The changes must be made by the end of the 2023 school year, or districts could risk losing state funding. 

This mandate echoes the recent changes proposed by the United States Department of the Interior to rename over 660 geographic locations with questionable titles such as those including the racist term “squaw”. 

Broadcasting Buffalo welcomes Educational Consultant and Advisor Dr. Lori V Quigley, and Attorney Kim Dunlop, who specializes in federal Native American law, to the discussion on why this is important, how far we’ve come, and what still needs to be done.


Episode 4: The Buffalo Bills

Reporter Justin Siejak breaks down the Bills’ draft prospects

(Buffalo, NY)–On this episode of Broadcasting Buffalo, host Paul Peck discussed the upcoming NFL draft, free agency and details of the new Bills stadium plans with guests Steve Tasker, Chris Brown and Howard Simon. See the Bills’ list of new draft picks here.


Episode 5: Burchfield Penney Art Center

By: Tanya Gamble and Carly Lawson

(Buffalo, NY)– On this week’s episode of Broadcasting Buffalo, from painting to drawing and even to
performing arts, the Burchfield Penney Art Center has it all! Broadcasting Buffalo dives in for a more deep dive behind the art center’s amenities and what makes Burchfield a unique experience for all those who visit. We will be talking to Michaela Worosz, the art center director at Burchfield, Tiffany Gaines, a
curator and digital content associate, and Bree Gilliam, a showcased artist.

Tanya Gamble also speaks with Buffalo State professor Meg Knowles and Burchfield Penney Director Scott Propeack about two different stories related to the Burchfield Penney.

 Professor Knowles discusses her film class. The assignment is for each student to film the process behind a completed artwork piece featured in the art center. The films are intended to reveal the steps taken behind the scenes in order to create the pieces of art as well as showcase the artist’s different personalities.

Director Propeack discusses the mission of the Burchfeild as well as the Dare To Be Diverse series. This event brings together the artists with the faculty of the Burchfield to speak about their films. 

The Burchfield Penney Art Center offers a variety of activities. Everything from performance art such as music and dance to traditional paint and sculpture art to film, book clubs, and interactive mystery rooms. All of these activities make the Burchfield a great place for family day tours.


Episode 6: Shelter Animals

(Buffalo, NY)–Dozens of volunteers dedicate countless hours to rescuing animals and finding them new homes in Western New York. Reporters Kelly Ackerman and Carly Lawson highlighted some of the organizations that are working hard to give dogs and cats a chance to find their “fur-ever” homes. On this episode, guests Gina Lattuca or the Erie County SPCA and Kimberly LaRussa of Sweet Buffalo talk with host Erika Brason about what they do to support animals here in Buffalo. Organizations looking for more help include: Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue, Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue, East Coast Paws, Ten Lives Club, and Buddy’s Second Chance Rescue.


Episode 7: Tops Shooting One Year Later

Mark Talley talks about his mother, who was a victim in the shooting.

(Buffalo, NY)– Host Al Vaughters spoke with Mark Talley and Veneta Everhart, who are family members of the Tops shooting victims. Ten people were shot at the grocery store on Jefferson Avenue on May 14, 2022. A man drove for hours to target them, just because of the color of their skin. Reporters Grace Blackwell and Kelly Ackerman told us more about the victims of that horrific day, and what has changed since then. Here are some organizations supporting families of the victims of the Tops shooting: The Aaron Salter Jr. Memorial Scholarship, Buffalo 5/14 Survivor’s Fund, Survivors Go Fund Me, and Feed More WNY.


Episode 8: Bail Reform

(Buffalo, NY)– Host Brian Meyer discusses the controversial Bail Reform Legislation put in place by New York State with retired State Supreme Court Judge Penny Wolfgang and Defense Attorney Robert Singer. Governor Kathy Hochul suggested some edits to the bail reform legislation as part of the New York State budget. Here is the latest information.